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Cary Carr

Originally posted here, at Her Campus Temple.

Ashley Thompson isn’t just a strikingly beautiful and wonderfully well-spoken woman; she’s also a kick-ass member of the LGBTQ community. With an open-mind, a creative spirit and a definite unique look, Thompson walks through life without worrying about what others think of her. And with a chest tattoo, a full sleeve and multiple piercings, she’s got an alternative look that attracts both guys and girls.

With her obsession with music, talent in art and desire to make a career out of psychology, Thompson is sure to leave her mark on Temple. Plus, with her positive outlook on improving LGBTQ rights, she might just end up making a big impact on society as a whole.

Full name: Ashley Thompson

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology and Human Resource Management

Hometown: Bedford, Texas

Favorite tattoo: The koi and lotus on my arm.

Favorite band: The Weekend

Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers

Three words to describe herself: Accepting, devoted and honest

Dream vacation: Travel to multiple locations, focusing on weather prime location spots but not forgetting about the winter hot spots. Snowboarding and swimming are a must.

What she hopes to see in the LGBTQ community:Gay marriage rights in every state. Opinions of the LGBTQ community as a whole need to change. This will not happen over-night, for it’s practically engraved in our perceptions, but without full acceptance, we will always be alienated.

What she looks for in a girl: Looks draw you in, and personality keeps you intrigued. If it’s without effort and happens naturally, than it’s worth keeping, worth investing in.


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